Swelling Grandeur of Operatic Symphonic Metal
"Some of the best attempts at genre-bending metal occur when artists balance the strengths of wildly different sub-genres to create a sound that draws evenly from the best of both worlds. More often than not, the seamlessness of the blend is essential to the style’s success, with abrupt transitions ruining any hopes of immersion. However, it seems that progressive metal band Isle of the Cross has proven themselves exceptions to the rule with the abrupt, jarring amalgamation of metal influences that make up the tumultuous tides of their debut album “Excelsis.” A concept album whose strongest common thread is the recurrence of progressive roots, “Excelsis” spans twelve momentous songs that capture emotional aptitude in exceptional and unforgettable melodies while subjecting the listener to an exhaustive tour of seemingly countless mood changes."
Published in
June 30, 2022


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